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Mike Tee Biography (1978-)

Full name, Mike Francis Mwakatundu,; born January 27, 1978, in Iringa, Tanzania; son of Francis Mwakatundu (a mechanic engineer) and Macca A.Chande (a ps) ; married Eva J Linza in February, 2009 children: Michael Mike jr . Addresses: Box 1259 Iringa, Tanzania, East Africa
Nationality : Tanzanian
Gender ; Male
Marketer, producer, singer, songwriter, business administrator
Birth Details
January 27, 1978
Iringa, Tanzania, East Africa

I started my music career early 1990’s when I was singing choir in our church and during free time I was singing by sampling some lyrics from other artist like Vanilla Ice, Hammer coz I was not able to write my own lyrics,

Early 1995 I met one of the greatest bongo flavor artist by that time Ntwa Kaise aka Tony Nice from the crew known as Wagumu Weusi Asilia (WWA) he was rapping both in Kiswahili and English, by the time I was not the solo artist I was in the crew known as TDC (Tha Dangerous Crews) this crew was made by four people me, my sister Missie Annie, my young brother Seif and crazy doggy, this guy inspired me much the way he rap in Kiswahili so I beg him to teach me how to write Swahili rylics,the first song we wrote and I recorded it in Don Bosco studios while I was with my group titled JE TUTAFIKA? The second song was titled Ni Kwenu Ninyi, we wrote together and I recorded it at Don Bosco Studio in Iringa, with experience I got in writing those two tracks I was able to write other six tracks and we decide to record the whole album with my crews in 1996 titled JE TUTAFIKA? The album did not sells much, only 1500 copies sold

The year 2001 I was coming to Dar es salaam to have my Diploma Studies in Business Administration in College of Business Education, I met with one of the super producers in Tanzania known as P-funk owner of Bongo Records Label, he was a friend of one of my young brothers Seif,my cousin introduced me to him and luckily enough he told me ive to see him tomorrow for listen seccion,the following day I was there he listened to me and he gave me a chance to record the song I did record the song (2001) titled Tamati Ft Seif,Adili and Ras Raja the song didn’t do well but many people seems to be impressed with my styles P-Funk gave me the second chance to record as the solo artist so I did record the song titled Nyaluland ft Lady Jay Dee in 2001 the song means the land of wanyalu the people from southern highland of Tanzania, the songs hits and stays on number one in Top10 charts for six weeks in all radio stations in Tanzania and this makes me known all over the country and how my music journey begins.

2002 – I released a number of hittted singos like Nampenda Nani ft Juma Nature,
Kama ft J-Moe, Sintobadilika ft Q-Chilla

Also a collabo album with Mack Dee titled”KAMA MJA WAKO” which contains fabulous tracks like Kama, mjawako, twiga,

2002 - End of this year, I came up with an album titled Sintobadilika under Mj Rec.
which contains tracks like Acha Kulia ft.Mr Paul, Penzi ni nini ft MwanaFa and Bizzieman, Sivainogela ft Bizieman, Tunarap na Kuimba ft Stara Thomas.

Also I joined college of Business Administration in Dar es salaam

2003 - I come up with fabulous hit in both audio and video known as Nibeep Baby Ft
Mad Ice the artist from Uganda

2004 – I come up with the second album known as Je Utanipenda? Which contains super?
Heated tracks like Je Utanipenda? Ft Mad Ice, Wanyakwibata ft Mr. Blue, Hodi

2005 – I came up with the third album titled Niacheni, which contains tracks like
Nisingeng`ara ft Ay and Snare, Ukurasa Mpya ft Mad Ice, Wanyalu

2005 – to date
Working with Zain Company in Tanzania (Morogoro) as the data support consultant

2007 Kimya Changu Project,

I own the studio and recording label known as MYKEY REC.

2010 I release new song I LOVE U from Hermy B studio, one of the first single from my latest album MY FRIENDS DIARY

Nitarudi - With Michael Ross from Uganda
Asante Mungu - with Mwana Fa aka Binamu
Bitozi – Ras lion and Ndukulusudikujo
Sintosahau – Planet2000
Sikutaki tena – Dully Sykes
Demu Wako – Mr. Paul

Nibeep Baby
Je Utanipenda?
Ukurasa Mpya
Kimya Changu

SINGO hits
Mnyalu Ft Ferouz
Nibeep Baby Ft Mad Ice
Nampenda Nani_ft Juma Nature
Nitarudi ft Michael Ross
Kimya Changu ft Ay
Subiri ft Nic j

Music production and Song writing

A Marketer and also Business Administrator
While am doing music stuffs I was able to graduate in these levels of education
 Diploma in Business Administration
 Advance Diploma in Marketing


Mailing Address : P.O.Box 1259, Iringa, Tanzania, East Africa.

E – mail Addresses :
Web site :

Phone Number : Cell: +255 713 292 212.
+255 713 696 325
+255 784 000 110


Good Physical and Mental Conditions
Music Production, writing lyrics
Basketball, car racing,
watching action sci-fi movies

 A song writer I succeeded to write songs like UNANIDATISHA_Rich One,HATUNA KITU_Rich One ft Juma Nature
 Marketer
 Wide range of knowledge in music production. In this year I succeed to produce songs like MANATI_East Coast Team, KIMYA CHANGU_Mike Tee ft AY, SUBIRI_Mike Tee ft NIC J, AUGUST13 rmx_Fid Q

 To have my own recording label and distribution company
 cloth line,
 To sell my music internationally,
 To have a family with two kids....


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