Tuesday, October 12, 2010


                                    P-FUNK MAJANI
P-FUNK MAJANI The thing iz i've not been this happy since ma baby mama kajala left me DEC 2007 ( used to luv the dum bitch ), I went crazy, stopped making music, started abusing hard drugs didnt care about life anymore.. didnt care about Bongo records, my artist, family,my kids .. basically anything.. NOW I LUV LIFE!!!!! 3YEARS OF PAIN. God is the greatest!!! In God i trust. IT WAS ALL A TEST.


ibra khalid said...

nakumbuka mbali sana. P Funk majani i understand as well as your works during Bongo music industries since you started Bongo Records.. Pamoja

ibra khalid said...

You are the legend of music in Tanzania and fans appreciate for what you are doing. So for all you had been passed forget about dat because dis is a life we are living on.. keep your eyes on your kids, family and your life. forget about bitches Rasta.. In my opinion.. and God will be upon you and even your hands's works..

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