Friday, February 11, 2011


                                                              ARUSHA STREET VIBES
Is an event intended to be a monthly music Concert by artists emanating from all streets of Arusha.
The project has numerous aims including;
1.Enlightening Tanzanian youth about life through the art of music and dance,and teach artists how to conduct themselves so as to grow into international artists.
...2.Giving upcoming artists a chance to actually perform their music in equality as any mainstream artist would
3.Pave way for new acts in the performance industry.
4.Connect artists to the corporate world in hopes to secure themselves various deals such as promotional jingles,tours,billboard advertisements and even sponsorship in their music careers.
5.Open up Arusha to the world parallel with the technology change experienced in the music industry.
6.Connect upcoming artists to their fans by the stage performances and thus monitor the growth of the industry as the project evolves on and on.
7.Advertise both the artists and sponsors/organizers through the DVD to be released after wards,various radio and online updates of the events and hopefully television broadcasts of the event in the near future.

It targets the school and university youth and currently involves only upcoming artists who have at least already been around and are known in their respective streets mainly from Arusha in hopes to secure and invite mainstream artists later when more corporate sponsorship is within ur reach.
The concert is going initiate on the 19th of February 2011 from 4pm-12 midnight and we are confident it is going to be a memorable event as a huge crowd is expected from all the schools/varsities and streets of Arusha and beyond.

1.Via Via Cultutal Cafe Arusha -
2.Grandmaster Records Arusha -0713 997 450
3.Noizmekah Productions Arusha -0715 240 005
4.Machalii Wa -0655 288 796
5.Rap Kitaa Entertainment -0654 262 586
6.PRO-24 Deejays -0718 157 053

Entrance fee is 4000/-tsh per head

School/Varsity students will be invited to open stage for an hour to curtain raise.The number of already informed and prepared upcoming artists who will each have 20 minutes on stage is 14,and these are;
1. F.B.G
2. Jambo Squad
3. Adomido
4. Selly
5. Vj
6. Structure P
7. NorthDwellers
8. D-Cee and Slim
9. Rebolz
12. Junior N2N
13.Bad taito
14.Deaz Maynaz


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