Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rrrrrraaaaaa!!!!....X-PLASTAZ DID IT AGAIN
Amsterdam/Stockholm, April 13, 2010

Hip hop group X Plastaz, known internationally through their 'Maasai hip hop' album and their fusing of traditional Maasai chanting with Swahili rap lyrics and hip hop beats, are releasing their new music video 'Mic moja' on the web today.

Video link:

'Mic moja', a song talking about the bare essence of hip hop music ('all we need is a microphone, a piece of paper and a pen') was recorded by X Plastaz member Ziggylah (aka KZZ). The video was shot in the suburbs of Stockholm, Sweden during October 2009 and is intended as a web-only video. It is the second music video since X Plastaz 'comeback' last year, when they released the 'Furaha' video with FidQ after a three-year hiatus caused by the death of their group member Faza Nelly. Also last year, group member Gsan participated in the BET Hip Hop Awards in the USA alongside KRS One, Wale and Nipsey Hussle.

In 2010 X Plastaz have planned further new releases including the track 'Maasai reggae' which fuses roots reggae music with a traditional Maasai song, and another collaboration with Dar es Salaam's finest Fid Q and singer Bamba Nazar, who is better known as the producer of Redman's latest track 'Coc Back'. That video to the upcoming X Plastaz song was recorded in Arusha and Zanzibar during the island's power cut of February 2010 and will be out before June.

More info about X Plastaz at their official website and their Facebook fanpage


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