Friday, August 6, 2010


Master strategist Hubert Nakitare still impresses many with his transformation from a scrawny testosterone-filled teenager to a burly, business savvy man. His music seems to have grown with him too - it is visible in this album? Let's find out.

"Colour kwa Face" featuring Christine Apondi is a brilliant track that challenges us to celebrate our differences as human beings. Apondi couldn't have done a better job with her vocals. She starts the song on a high that fits in with Nonini's rapping.

"Hii ni story ya human race / Hii ni story ya colour na race / hii ni story ya colour kwa face" goes the chorus which Apondi delivers perfectly.

Nonini sure surprises us all when he starts by addressing albinism and how albinos are butchered in Tanzania. "My brothers and sisters wanauliwa Tanzania waganga wanabelieve udosi hucome from my body parts/ Hii mentality ndio inarudisha Afrika nyuma/Niko na Uko na ngozi nyeusi but are you better than me?"
"Genge Love" featuring Lady Bee is a romantic track which Nonini creatively handles. You have seen the video and it is as classy as they come, only rivaled by “Kadhaa”. He has mastered the art of storytelling so well.

You will love how he tried to portray his love for his girl with his material things. It does not come off as tacky, it's very tasty and you will smile a lot. The flow and vocals are to die for.

One of the best tracks in the album is "Huyo" featuring Frasha and Boneye from P-Unit. The word game is excellent and Musyoka as usual does a master job at the production level.
"Kataa Hiyo" was the album's second single and though it got mad airplay, it didn't quite hit as expected; perhaps due to the hangover from the intoxicating "Kadhaa," a celebratory track where Nonini tells the world he’s made it. The video for “Kadhaa” will be a hot contender for song of the year.

“Heshima” is one of the two songs that Nonini has sung alone but he still handles it in a way that is special, his way. The flow is playful with a crisp delivery. This track is a shoo in for the top position on the charts once it hits the airwaves.

“Kila Mmoja” has TMK Wanaume's Chege who brings that signature sound that everybody recognises from ”Dar mpaka Moro.”

Chidi Benz is impressive and his in “Mziki” and Bongo influence is all over the track. His raspy voice adds to the delight. This is one of those songs that lingers on long after you’ve heard it.

“Siri Zangu” has Christine Apondi again and uses the track to lecture upcoming artistes that they will first be criticized before the love can flow.

Slightly above average "Barua" featuring the beautiful Karma is next, never mind that it doesn't stand out from the rest of the tracks.

The "Kadhaa" remix is fantastic and together with the original, they remain the album’s best! 
The problem with this album is that most songs sound the same as Nonini's flow remains the same throughout. The beats and collaborations are a huge plus but he should try and get to sample his voice on different songs the way he does with “Colour kwa face”.
This is Nonini’s best album so far and from the look of things its not the last, he will be around for a long time and you just never know what he’ll evolve into next.

A tip of the hat to the Godfather!


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